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Tras la Segunda Guerra Mundial (1945) se fundó la ONU, la cual condenó el Colonialismo. Se inició el proceso de Independencia de las naciones de Africa y Asia (1948-1965), ex-colonias de Francia e Inglaterra. EEUU desarrolló una política de neocolonialismo: dominio politico-económico, pero no militar directo en Hispanoamérica y otras regiones. Su intento colonial directo fue derrotado en Vietnam (1977).

La disolución de la URSS en 1991, puso fin a la Guerra Fría y la bipolaridad en que se había mantenido el Mundo desde la II Guerra Mundial. La Administración de EEUU, sin contrapeso, como Imperio incontestado, se lanzó a la conquista clásica de colonias.

Las víctimas: Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afganistán, Somalia...

Se presiona a los países que limitan las “inversiones” extranjeras, se les obliga a que "abran sus mercados" a los capitales occidentales: Irán, Siria, China, Zimbawe, Corea del Norte, Myammar, Sudán, etc.

Las Instituciones Internacionales, ONU, Premio Nobel, Tribunal de la Haya, IAEA, han dejado de ser neutrales. Adulteradas, son instrumento de esta nueva política colonial. También denominada Neocolonialismo:

1. Exportación de capitales.

2. Adquisición de territorios: Medios de Producción (empresas e industrias), Materias Primas y Energía (recursos naturales).

La forma es clásica, lo hicieron portugueses y españoles (S.XVI-XVII), e ingleses y franceses (S.XVIII-XIX), la retórica ha cambiado: Antes se colonizaba, mataba, destruía y sometía a la pobreza a los pueblos para "Cristianizarles" o “Civilizarles", en el S.XXI para "Democratizarles".

En el S.XXI comienza con un retroceso ético y legal con respecto a los principios fundacionales de la ONU, que debía garantizar la NO repetición de guerras contra civiles y crímenes contra la Humanidad.

International Affairs and Colonialism in S.XXI. Interpretation Russian-English-Spanish

23 dic. 2010

Iranian scientists killed. Wikileaks and Mossad

Source: Wikileaks, Le Monde, The Guardian, El Pais.
Israel is not at a declared war with Iran, as he is with Syria, but Tel Aviv is against that Iran could develop its own nuclear energy sector, in order to prevent the use of nuclear power for military purposes.
On November 29, 2010, in Tehran, two motocicle riders put bombs on the cars carrying the two Iranian nuclear scientists and their wives.
They are two separate terrorist attacks. In one of them died nuclear scientist, Shahriyarí Majeed, professor of nuclear engineering at Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran and in another was seriously injured, Ferydún Abbasi-Davani, laser scientist on nuclear isotope separation. This process is required both for the production of medical isotopes, and to build an atomic bomb. He is a member of the Revolutionary Guards (Pasdaran), the ideological army under whose control is the Iranian nuclear program, and teaches at the Imam Hossein University. Both wives also traveling in the cars were injured.

Iran's official media were quick to blame the terrorist acts to Mossad and the CIA. This seems credible.
There are precedents: Last January, died in another attack in Tehran, Masud Ali Mohammadi, a physics professor whose relationship with the nuclear program was not tested, but had worked with Professor wounded yesterday.

Two years earlier, another nuclear scientist, Ardeshir Hoseinpur, died of gas poisoning. In recent months, the Islamic Republic have arrested several "nuclear spies", accused of passing information to foreign intelligence services.
On the other hand, recently the virus “Stuxnet” infected a number of computers belonging to scientists associated with the nuclear program, and caused problems in uranium enrichment centrifuges.
Shahram Amiri, another nuclear scientist who was investigating the medical use of radioactive isotopes disappeared in May 2009 during his pilgrimage to Mecca. When he came back to Tehran after several months, he accused the U.S. of having been abducted him with the help of Saudi Arabia. For its part the United States declared that it was he who had wanted to "move to America."
Ali Reza Asgari, a former retired general of the Revolutionary Guard and deputy defense minister, did not return from a trip to Istanbul in 2007. Iran says that he was kidnapped by the Mossad and the CIA.
Hoseinpur Ardeshir, the founder of the Nuclear Technology Center in Isfahan, died in 2007. The Iranian authorities said it was due to poisoning.
The Mossad was also accused of killing in Damascus (Syria) the military commander of the Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah, Imad Mugniyah. A bomb exploded when he started his car.
Another famous case was, when the UAE police directly accused the Mossad (see Le Monde) of having killed the Palestinian leader of Hamas, Mahmoud Mabhuh at his hotel in Dubai, that caused a diplomatic crisis with United Kingdom because the Israeli agents , used false Britsh passports.
In the Palestinian occupied territories, there are many precedents of the israeli so-called “targeted assassinations” of Hamas leaders, Israeli missiles launched from aircrafts killed Hamas founder Sheikh Yassim, when he went out to the street sitting in his wheelchair. Several prime ministers of Hamas in Gaza were also killed shortly after being elected to that position.

                                                               WIKILEAKS: MOSSAD GUILTY

According to the leak of Wikileaks published by Le Monde, the former Director of Mossad, Meir Dagan, in August 2007 described to the U.S. Subsecretary of State Nicholas Burns, the five pillars of the Israeli attack on Iran. At point B) Clandestins Measures, we did not wish to comment at a meeting with many witnesses, and we think it was beacause it referred to could refer to murder Iranian scientists, or terrorist acts, because scientists are not militants, not military, but civil servants to their government responsible for a task. Because he did not say at that meeting, was not in the cables of the American Embassy and has now been leaked by Wikileaks.
Reproduce extracts from Le Monde and Wikileaks:
During the Bush period. In August, 2007, the leader of the Mossad, Meir Dagan, describes " five pillars of the Israeli strategy " against Iran. He enumerates them in front of the American Subsecretary of State, Nicholas Burns. An American diplomatic telegram so summarizes them:
" A) The political approach (Dagan greets the efforts to transfer the Iranian file to the UN Security Council, but he says that this approach will not resolve the crisis).

B) Clandestin or Secret Measures (Dagan and the Subsecretary decide not to evoke this approach in that wide committee).
C) Against proliferation (Dagan underlines the need to prevent Iran from acquiring of the know-how and the technology. It is necessary to do more in this domain).
D) Sanctions (Dagan says that it is in this domain that were registered the biggest successes. Three Iranian banks are about to collapse) (…)
E) Force a change of regime. (Dagan says that it would be necessary to make more to provoke a change of Regime, helping minorities (Beluchistan, Azerí, dissidents and oppositions leaders).


Is not acceptable that Israel commit or promote terrorism in other countries.
It is as unacceptable as if Morocco or France, organize bombings at Madrid, against officials of the CSN or the Spanish CIEMAT, because Spain developes his nuclear program.
Or vice versa, would be also unacceptable that the Spanish CNI secret agents organize attacks against Moroccan scientists working in their nuclear reactor. That is terrorism, not war.
Probably, the Mossad will not confirm that he has been the organizer of the killings of iranians scientists in the Tehran attacks. But if it happens, should not European Union and USA put the Mossad on the list of terrorist organizations? As we did with Hamas and Hezbollah?
Which would be the reaction of the press and European and American governments - now so quiets-, if were the Iranians, the ones to commit the attacks in Tel Aviv against israelian scientists?

Antonio Romea. International Policy Analyst (University Complutense of Madrid)
Journalist of El Público, ABC, El Correo.

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  1. Very good article. Explained step by step what is going on and probe the culpability of Mossad and passiveness of Eurpe and USA