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Tras la Segunda Guerra Mundial (1945) se fundó la ONU, la cual condenó el Colonialismo. Se inició el proceso de Independencia de las naciones de Africa y Asia (1948-1965), ex-colonias de Francia e Inglaterra. EEUU desarrolló una política de neocolonialismo: dominio politico-económico, pero no militar directo en Hispanoamérica y otras regiones. Su intento colonial directo fue derrotado en Vietnam (1977).

La disolución de la URSS en 1991, puso fin a la Guerra Fría y la bipolaridad en que se había mantenido el Mundo desde la II Guerra Mundial. La Administración de EEUU, sin contrapeso, como Imperio incontestado, se lanzó a la conquista clásica de colonias.

Las víctimas: Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afganistán, Somalia...

Se presiona a los países que limitan las “inversiones” extranjeras, se les obliga a que "abran sus mercados" a los capitales occidentales: Irán, Siria, China, Zimbawe, Corea del Norte, Myammar, Sudán, etc.

Las Instituciones Internacionales, ONU, Premio Nobel, Tribunal de la Haya, IAEA, han dejado de ser neutrales. Adulteradas, son instrumento de esta nueva política colonial. También denominada Neocolonialismo:

1. Exportación de capitales.

2. Adquisición de territorios: Medios de Producción (empresas e industrias), Materias Primas y Energía (recursos naturales).

La forma es clásica, lo hicieron portugueses y españoles (S.XVI-XVII), e ingleses y franceses (S.XVIII-XIX), la retórica ha cambiado: Antes se colonizaba, mataba, destruía y sometía a la pobreza a los pueblos para "Cristianizarles" o “Civilizarles", en el S.XXI para "Democratizarles".

En el S.XXI comienza con un retroceso ético y legal con respecto a los principios fundacionales de la ONU, que debía garantizar la NO repetición de guerras contra civiles y crímenes contra la Humanidad.

International Affairs and Colonialism in S.XXI. Interpretation Russian-English-Spanish

15 may. 2011

Video and Declaration: Spanish Revolution 15 may 2011. Protest in Madrid Pta. Sol (Смотреть Видео Испания Площадь Соль)

Common Declaration (Manifiesto English) 15-M, Spanish Revolution, For a Real Democracy, Democracia Real, ya!


We are ordinary people. We are like you: people who get up every morning to study, work or to look for a job, people who have family and friends. People who work hard every day to live and give a better future for those around us.
Some of us consider themselves progressists, others are more conservative. Some of us are believers, some not. Some of us have well-defined ideology and others are apolitical ... But we are all concerned and outraged by the political, economic and social development we see around us.
Outraged by the corruption of politicians, businessmen, bankers ... and the helplessness of ordinary people.
This situation hurts us in our daily lives. But we think that if we are all united, we can change it.

It's time to start doing something, time to build together a better Society. Because of this, we strongly argue that:

The priorities of any advanced Society must be Equality, Progress, Solidarity, Freedom and Free of Access to Culture (no banning them in TV and internet), Ecological Sustainability and Development, Welfare (included for elderly retirees) and Happiness of People, not GDP Growth and Consumption of goods. A Nation there is not
a private company, which only cares about profits for the owners!

There are basic rights that should be covered in these societies: the Right of Housing, Employment, Culture, Health, Education, Political Participation, Free personal development, and Right to Consume healthy food, water and air, and other items required for a Healthy and Happy Life.

The current functioning of our Government and Economic system fails to address these priorities and has became an obstacle to human development.
Democracy of the people (demos = people, cracy = government) so the government should be of the people. However, in this country most of the political class do not even listen. Its functions should be to bring our voice to the institutions, facilitating the political participation of citizens through direct channels that provide the greatest benefit to the wider society, not to get rich and prosper at our expense, attending only to the dictates of major economic powers and clinging to power through a dictatorship headed by the two only political parties the conservative PP and the liberal PSOE (acronym PPSOE).
Craving and accumulation of power in a few create inequality, tension and injustice, which leads to violence, we reject. The obsolete and unnatural economic model blocks the social machinery in a spiral that consumes itself by enriching a few and is sinking into poverty and limited the rest. Until the collapse.
The will and purpose of the system is the accumulation of money, take precedence over efficiency and welfare of society. Wasting resources, destroying the planet, creating unemployment and unhappy consumers.
Citizens are part of the cog in a machine designed to enrich a minority who does not know our needs. We are anonymous, but without us none of this would exist, as we move the world.
If as a society learn not to trust our future to an abstract economic returns which never benefits the most, we can eliminate the abuses and shortcomings that we all suffer.
Ethics Revolution is needed .. We put money above human being and when we have to our service. We are people, not products on the market. I am not only what I buy, why they buy and who to buy it.

For all the above, I am outraged.
I think I can change it.
I think I can help.
I know that together we can.
Take the street with us. It's your right.